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Planned Parenthood’s Poorly Planned Defense

I am on vacation. And even I managed to hear today about Deborah Nucatola.  If you happen to be under even more of a rock than I am today, let me clue you in:

Deborah Nucatola is a doctor for Planned Parenthood. Not just a lowly doctor, either:  a Senior Director of Medical Services.  She is a Big National Deal–which is why it matters so much that a group of actors, posing as a company interested in procuring fetal tissue for research, took her out to lunch and got her to discuss procedures and prices.

The video, which can be seen in its entirety here, is as close to a smoking gun as it can possibly be without literally being a gun that is smoking. In it, you can watch a doctor calmly munch a salad while setting a price on baby organs and discussing how she would go about procuring said organs for a buyer.

Planned Parenthood, of course, has issued a statement in their defense. You can read it in its entirety here.

Read it for yourself, but I’ll translate. In essence, the statement says:

We didn’t sell any body parts. Patients donated body parts. We just charged a reasonable fee to cover transport and storage. Heck, we’re a nonprofit. We don’t sell anything, and we certainly don’t make any money.

However, watching the actual video demonstrates the untruth of  Mr. Ferrero’s statement. Which means he’s banking on none of us doing that.  Which means (of course) that I did.

In actual fact, in the actual video, in her actual words, Dr. Nucatola goes out of her way to tell the supposed buyers that it’s best if they put their own staff into the clinics, so that the clinics don’t have to spend any of their time getting consent for the “donation” or working with the “tissue” on the back end.

In actual fact, in the actual video, in her actual words, she points out that the clinic workers likely wouldn’t be trained to recognize biological structures at the level required by researchers. At best, “they’re looking for all of the limbs, thorax, head, placenta–we got it all.” Which means it would be best, according to Nucatola, if the research company put a staff member in the lab to do that for them.

In actual fact, in the actual video, in her actual words, Nucatola stresses that the clinics and doctors are unwilling to do much work to preserve the “tissue” by modifying the way they perform the abortions. At most, she says when she’s doing procedures she “keeps it in the back of her mind” so she can try not to damage the product she’s about to try to sell.  (Note: “sell” is my word, not hers. It is darkly and grimly entertaining to watch Nucatola do everything she can to avoid saying anything that might resemble the words “baby” or “sell.”)

So then…

…if it’s expected (or at least preferred) that the research company will provide the staffing to do consent…

…and if it’s expected (or at least preferred) that the research company will provide the staffing and/ or training for post-procedure tissue identification…

…and if it’s expected that the doctors and clinics won’t be changing much, if any, of their standard protocols and procedures during the termination of a pregnancy…

…what exactly is Planned Parenthood being “reimbursed” FOR?

If you go to the grocery store, and you buy me a gallon of milk, and I give you the money back, that’s reimbursement.  And that’s not what’s happening here.

Planned Parenthood is the grocery store.   And if I go to the grocery store, and I “reimburse” them for the lettuce I take home–that’s not reimbursement. That’s a financial transaction. That’s a sale.

Make no mistake: this is an organization selling the bodies of children after they manipulated their mothers into “donating them to science,” while they were under the most stress they would possibly ever feel. This is reprehensible. This is evil, calmly undertaken over salads and salmon and a nice red wine.

Any candidates for President want to get me in your corner? Promise me a full nationwide investigation into this horror.  I’m waiting.

Anybody disagree with my line of thinking here? That’s what the comments are for.

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