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Setting Money on Fire (For the Children!)

Today I got the chance to talk briefly about our county school system’s budget issues on the radio. I’ve already had a couple of people privately question my numbers, so I wanted to make sure the math was publicly available. This is a screenshot from the Shelby County Board of Education website. It’s the 2014-2015 … Continue reading

It’s been one year. Still no open discussion.

the post below is one year old today. The anonymous person in question still hasn’t engaged publicly.  Thanks to all who supported me during that week. It was weird. I still want an open discussion with this person. I bet I do not get what I want. Cowards gonna cow. ———-//////// Today I received an … Continue reading

COCKROACH? Dang right, cockroach.

A major goal of this trip was to get the JackMan on some roller coasters. The reasons for this were three-fold: 1.  It’s important to teach your children to face their fears. It’s more important to teach them that you will lie to them for their benefit. 2.  There comes an age in every boy’s … Continue reading

In which I make everyone on both sides mad at me vis-a-vis Celebrated Patriarchal Redneck Stars

I tried to stay out of the fray yesterday. I wish I could say it was solely due to my discernment and discretion. It probably has more to do with the fact that I was administering and scoring final exams for the courses I teach. But today, I must wade in.  The big problem here … Continue reading

If you say illogical things, you probably aren’t thinking very hard. (Or: if we all ate there, Golden Corral would totally become Highlands Bar and Grill)

Allison Benedikt is confused. I don’t know the source of her confusion, but the symptoms are evident. Her recent piece in Slate asserts that “If you send your kid to private school, you are a bad person.” In fact, that’s exactly the title of the piece. My goal here is to take a representative smattering … Continue reading

Next Steps (ALSDE education)

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that ALSDE’s bid to place church schools under an “Office of Non-Public Schools” has been tabled (for now). According to the news release late last week, the Department plans to recommend a legislative move when the session re-opens. In the interim, here’s what you can and should do: 1. … Continue reading

ALSDE Update: Changes on Hold

Well, we were heard.  So that’s a very good thing, and thank you for all your help. Here’s the ALSDE response. I will point out that this is by no means over, though.  The superintendent here indicates that there is a “need for a thorough review of the statute…” He goes on to say ALSDE … Continue reading

Calling ALSDE?

Stay calm. Be respectful. After all, we’re right. It is important to grasp that the state BOARD did not propose this.  This is proposed by ALSDE–specifically, the Superintendent’s office, if I understand correctly (and again, I invite him to visit here, call, or email me if I’m wrong on any of these points).  The board … Continue reading

Shell Game (AL Education Update)

In response to this story, I have emailed officials at ALSDE inquiring which law, exactly, was “newly discovered” after lying dormant and unused for 20 years. The response of the official was to email me back a link to both Alabama Code and Administrative Code (in their entirety). There are four potential explanations for this … Continue reading

Updated Information on AL school issues

If you haven’t read the post from yesterday outlining major and worrisome changes in how Alabama plans to interact with private schools, please do that first. Today, I’ve received the following two files from officials at ALSDE.  One is a presentation, the other is the current draft of the proposed language: Slideshow (From July 12 … Continue reading

Church School? Not for long.

In Alabama’s past, church schools (including almost all home schools) could claim a “religious exemption” from oversight by the State Department of Education.  A new policy, proposed by Superintendent Tommy Bice, would undo that practice by removing the exemption–if the State Board votes to approve it.  If the policy passes, beginning October 10, church schools … Continue reading


One thing that has concerned me in the wake of Newtown’s recent tragedy: the utter absence of the word “evil.” On the left, we’re blaming guns. On the right, we’re blaming the lack of prayer in schools (or something). All around, we’re sort of vaguely blaming mental illness (which, incidentally, is still unconfirmed in this … Continue reading

A fun little mental hand grenade…

…for all my fellow churchgoers out there. Fact One: the Bible instructs me to let my giving “be done in secret,” and backs up this instruction with stories exhorting the value of anonymous giving, expecting no reward or payback. Fact Two: As we enter December, I (and millions of other believers) will studiously collect check … Continue reading

Radio Silence…

…I know, but life is BUSY and I have three kids and grown-up stuff to do. And now a dog. A small dog. We call him Ninja. Ninja the Ninja Dog. He’s a year old, picked up from the pound this week. He’s great with my children, and marvelously nervously twitchy, and a genuinely dapper … Continue reading


Freedom consumes me. So this seemed appropriate today. From Bonhoeffer’s Life Together, the chapter titled “Ministry.” It is, first of all the freedom of the other person that is a burden to the Christian.  The other’s freedom collides with his own autonomy, yet he must recognize it. He could get rid of this burden by refusing the … Continue reading

oh, my boy. my boy.

Macy is reading The Cat in the Hat to Ellie.  Laura is cleaning the kitchen. I am lying on the couch next to Jack Tyler, listening to Macy read and dozing off. It is the perfect domestic moment.  The ghost of Norman Rockwell is floating around the room, painting away. This is when Jack Tyler decides … Continue reading

This merits thought…

Bill Gates, in a recent interview on education, had this to say about how schools are marketed and just what, exactly, are they measuring to determine success? If you try and compare two universities [or private high schools], you’ll find out a lot more about the inputs—this [school] has high SAT scores compared to this … Continue reading

If you’re visiting from Matthew Paul Turner’s site…

…then you should probably buy my $0.99 book. It’s about Disney World, and having children, and rude livestock, and Florida. You’ll probably giggle at least once.  And if laughter is the best medicine, then that 99-cent pill cost less than the cheap antibiotics at Wal-Mart. If you don’t giggle at least once, hit me up … Continue reading

Merton on Solitude (Listen up, all my students)

This morning, from Kentucky trappist monk Thomas Merton, I find this piece of excellence: If I cannot distinguish myself from the mass of other men, I will never be able to love and respect other men as I ought.  If I do not separate myself from them enough to know what is mine and what … Continue reading

Random Reading Hack: 3.25.12

I read a LOT. I also feel a compulsion to curate a collection of stellar lines and great ideas. For a long time, I would go back through every book when I finished, and type those lines into a saved document on my computer. It was time consuming, obviously, and it presented problems, such as … Continue reading


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