ALSDE Update: Changes on Hold

Well, we were heard.  So that’s a very good thing, and thank you for all your help.

Here’s the ALSDE response.

I will point out that this is by no means over, though.  The superintendent here indicates that there is a “need for a thorough review of the statute…”

He goes on to say ALSDE will be making any “needed recommendations for changes to the Alabama Legislature.”

This means church schools, private schools, and home schools in our state will need to remain connected to each other and engaged with the legislative process.

Thanks for all you did this week.




5 thoughts on “ALSDE Update: Changes on Hold

  1. Putting it ‘on hold’ just means they will try to let the hub-bub die down, then re-introduce it when we aren’t expecting it. These words from the ALSDE response are concerning: “we have concluded that not only do the regulations need revision, there is also a need for a thorough review of the current statute governing this matter. We will conduct a review of the existing statute and make any needed recommendations for changes to the Alabama Legislature for consideration during the 2014 legislative session.”

  2. Thank you, Jay, for bringing this urgent issue to our attention. As a result of someone linking to your blog post, I feel like I’ve met a “kindred spirit” (even though I’m a silver-haired grandmother!).

    I checked out your ‘About’ page and read the following: “…I’m trapped/privileged to live in a corner of the world (rural Alabama) that is curiously devoid of people willing to discuss ideas, unless they (or their preacher) already happen to agree with those ideas.” Hmm…so do I. I was intrigued enough to visit all your pages and even back-pedaled through many of your older posts. Your writing style is fresh and honest, a bit wry without being acerbic…I like it!

    (My sons especially enjoyed your “Grievous Annoyances”…)

    1. Why, thank you so much!

      I was actually just sitting here texting with a friend about how worried I was that people tooling around the site were going to be sorely disappointed when they realized it wasn’t full of homeschooling updates.

      I never intended for it to become a political site, and I imagine next week I’ll be back to posting about my toenails or such. I certainly hope so–but I fear the backlash from this is going to be a legislative attempt at what couldn’t be done administratively.

      1. i think Mr. Bice should lose his job over this. Otherwise he will know better how to push it through next time. If not him, others will be encouraged to continue his work. I don’t think he was just playing around and i don’t think he was alone. Mr. Bice and his supporters/enablers need to know there is a price to be paid.

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