jay serious circle cropThe 36 Review is the online platform for Jay Adams.

(It’s entirely possible you don’t know who that is.)

No, I am not the deceased skater.

No, I am not the aging famous professional counselor.

I am a freelance author, editor, and ghostwriter.

I carry a regular client list that includes regional fast-food chains, commercial websites, corporate trainers, online magazines, independent consultants, local businesses, doctoral students, and more.

And I’m constantly pitching new ideas about things I could write (or have written) in approximately forty-nine different directions.

Here at the36review, I talk about life,  education, politics, writing,  and editing. I also link to pieces of my portfolio, and communicate with an ever-growing army of Thirty-Sixers (currently over 1,000 strong) out there in the Big Scary World.

(You could always check me out on LinkedIn for a more professional introduction.  Or you could just hire me today.)